Paul McCurdy Director / DP


By the numbers – Paul has worked for more than 10 agencies, with over 75 clients, lighting well over 500 faces. It’s been over 20 years since Paul picked up a camera, (he started young), thousands of rolls of 35mm still film, terabytes upon terabytes of data, and way too many rechargeable batteries, have created visual muscles ready to lift ideas to audiences.

He has also produced and directed music videos, documentaries, and commercials. This soup to nuts knowledge of creating pieces from idea to delivery makes the path to great work sure and streamlined. Intimate experience of what is possible on a budget allows for the maximum return.

After wrap is called Paul is still Paul. He personally takes over 10,000 iPhone photos alone every year and shows off a few of those on Instagram. Checkout @shyshowoff because a bio of Paul is best done through his pictures.